Saturday, June 27, 2009

Trine PC demo now available

Trine, a magical new gaming experience, is coming our way courtesy of Finnish developers Frozenbyte, makers of the acclaimed Shadowgrounds. In Trine, players take control of a band of adventures and guide them on a journey of soul-shaping proportions. In this co-op enabled experience you'll take control of Pontius the Knight, Zoya the Thief, and Amadeus the Wizard.

Watch the Trine trailer.

Each character has a distinct set of moves that enable them to solve puzzles and traverse the 2D landscape. Pontius is the master of combat, taking on the undead with a fury. Zoya is light and nimble while using a grapping hook to avoid spike filled chasms. Amadeus is able to conjour boxes and move platforms about with his levitation magic.

Trine has a marvelous sense of style and utilizes NVIDIA's PhysX technology for breathtaking detail. The world comes alive as you bound from platform to platform, break passages with battering rams, and take the high road using rotating floors.

You can check out the demo now available on PC. Trine will be available on PC and PSN and is now available to pre-purchase via Steam.

Trine PC Demo.

new track completed

I've finished up a track I've been working on titled BeeLine (previously Ente Ente). It will be released on NeoGAF's upcoming GAME 5 summer album. I'll post an update as soon as the album is released.

As always comments and critiques are very much appreciated!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Review: Woodnote - Söppel EP

Here's another free EP from a member of IDM Forums.

I. Dig. This. My fiancee can't get over this song either :)
It MUST have been MacAvity. There's no one like MacAvity ;p
The vocals just fit, the little blippy synth makes me blush, just great all around. Perfect opener for the EP.

Frank's Pretty Colours
This girl is smooth. It's a warm summer day, going for a drive down by the beach. A sense a slight retro 60's vibe. Then those funky, funky keys drop in like molasses. Real syrupy, they staple that tempo down, cement the beat.

What a fitting name. I want to say the intro reminds me of being in a cave, watching stalagtites drip onto the floor. This is a groovy little funker. That little blippy synth line just makes it (again). This one rolls off your tongue at the end.

It is funky - takes me back to the mid-90's. Smooth and buttery, great vibe.

Woodnote's got himself an amazing piece of work here. I can see myself putting this on constant rotation in my playlist, in fact I already have. Swaying my head side to side.

Download link: