Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Review: Woodnote - Söppel EP

Here's another free EP from a member of IDM Forums.

I. Dig. This. My fiancee can't get over this song either :)
It MUST have been MacAvity. There's no one like MacAvity ;p
The vocals just fit, the little blippy synth makes me blush, just great all around. Perfect opener for the EP.

Frank's Pretty Colours
This girl is smooth. It's a warm summer day, going for a drive down by the beach. A sense a slight retro 60's vibe. Then those funky, funky keys drop in like molasses. Real syrupy, they staple that tempo down, cement the beat.

What a fitting name. I want to say the intro reminds me of being in a cave, watching stalagtites drip onto the floor. This is a groovy little funker. That little blippy synth line just makes it (again). This one rolls off your tongue at the end.

It is funky - takes me back to the mid-90's. Smooth and buttery, great vibe.

Woodnote's got himself an amazing piece of work here. I can see myself putting this on constant rotation in my playlist, in fact I already have. Swaying my head side to side.

Download link: http://www.woodnote.bandcamp.com/

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