Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Need for Speed: ProStreet Pt. 1 - The Bad

Tiny faults abound in ProStreet. During drift sessions I often found my car sporting different colored wheels from my normally chrome setup. One instance had me in blue rims the first heat, red the next and gold for the last! You'll oftentimes notice our car has no driver as well. During one cutscene a rival driver pulled up next to me and the car had no driver. Ghost ride the whip!

Another glaring oversight can be found in the sector shootout mode, which is often impossible to beat due to its bad design. The first racer to post a score in any sector gets those points and keeps them for the race. However, when you post a score you only get the points if you beat the previous racer's score, thereby giving the car that starts in the lead an artificial head start.

Lastly, a thing that irked me about ProStreet is its total lack of a quick race option. You can organize a race day to challenge your friends, but the only cars available are your career mode cars and a selection of pre-made bonus cars. Unlike previous incarnations in the NFS franchise, there's no option of building cars outside career mode. So, if like me, you only used a few cars in career and your friend wants to drive something you didn't buy you're out of luck. That is unless you have the cash to modify another car in career mode. This is one NFS my fiance won't be enjoying with me. :(

However, these tiny faults aside, there's much to love about ProStreet. From a huge selection of cars and design possibilities to a varied and satisfying career mode to an awesome soundtrack, this game is made to please.

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