Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another day

Not much to talk about today. I listed a few textbooks along with a couple routers, a network switch and a dynamic microphone on Amazon today. I have a few other books I'm looking to put up as well. I have a ton of other books, a video card, and a couple computers I'll probably put up on Craigslist and NeoGAF's Buy/Sell/Trade thread. Hopefully I can make some more cash off of them as well.

I played a bunch of TF2 today. I snagged another Natascha and reached Demoman's Milestone 1 which scored me a Chargin' Targe. It's a pretty decent sidearm, although I haven't managed to score a kill with it yet. I've gotten leagues better with the Grenade Launcher and learned to detonate sticky bombs in the air. Even though I had over 20 hours as Demo I never really learned those two skills. So far I have 7 achievements on both Demo and Soldier. I'm hoping to reach 10 on both tomorrow.

Pretty boring blog posts, but at least I'm still posting once a day. Pushing onwards with my New Year's Resolution!

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