Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year

New year, new blog - kind of. Well, at least I have a resolution this year: complete 1 song a week for the next year. So 52 songs by the year's end, hopefully more. Kind of channeling Deadmau5's Project 56. I'm going to try and blog once a day also, even if it's about nothing.

NeoGAF's next project will be an Ambient/Downtempo/Soundscapes release. I have a few textures I made when I was trying to replicate Deadmau5's 'Bored of Canada' that I'll probably use for that.

Today I started on a little Dubstep-type of thing for my weekly project. It's moving away from dubstep into some other plane, but we'll see what happens with it. Regardless, it's a song for the week and a stepping stone to better things.

I'll hopefully be sticking with, and learning, Ableton Live throughout these projects. I'm sick of FL Studio limiting me and not knowing any other programs. I'm also using Guru for this project, along with Arturia's Minimoog V and, of course, Synth1. I'll also have used TAL-Dub II far too much for this project, as it's got the dub vibe I'm going after. Maybe one of these days I can get my hands on a Roland RE-201 Space Echo. That would be mighty fine.

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