Monday, January 4, 2010


Are hard to sell! I'm sitting on so many of them it's not funny. Sure, you buy them for $80-100 a pop each semester, but the bookstore neglects to tell you that you're buying an older version that won't be used by ANYONE come next semester. Not even online bookstores will buy the things back.

So I tried to sell some on Amazon. Most have 100+ used copies waiting to sell all around $2 or less, not even worth it. I have 2, out of 9 that are worth anything - one at $80 and the other at a whopping $100, which surprised me. Hopefully I can get them on Amazon and make a few bucks.

Which brings me to the process of selling things on Amazon. Most people, aside from my household, have phones. Amazon requires you to answer a call from them (why, I don't know) to validate your selling account. Now I have to wait around till someone I know comes over with a phone and hopefully I'll remember to validate my Amazon account. All to sell 2 textbooks...

At least it's money. I still have a couple computers I'm sitting on that need sold, a pair of routers, and a couple old, possibly broken game systems that are collecting dust and taking up space I don't have. Craigslist ahoy!

Why can't making money be as easy as it is in video games? I wouldn't mind going into some sewers and collecting rat hides for some gold. In fact I think I'd be pretty good at it with all the practice I've had. Someone needs to make a gameshow for people like me. I just want a way to make money that doesn't require me to sell my soul to some soulsucking company. I swear I'll find one someday. Until then I'll remain broke as fuck - it's the only way to live.

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