Monday, January 11, 2010

Today was a good day

Today started with me trying to organize my sample folder. I didn't get very far, but I put a few key sample packs into my main folder, and will be using them exclusively in my future projects. I decided to keep a Korg EMX drum sample pack that someone uploaded to IDMf a little while ago, as well as a pack of Quasimidi RaveOlution 309 drums and the pristine Deadmau5 Xfer sample pack. Those three give me a nice breadth of drums to work with and layer.

After that I loaded up my Live template and started jamming on Synth1. Then I started to look at a panel I never really dug into before - the effects panel. I never touched it as its parameters were never listed in the manual, so I was confused as to how it worked. Low and behold, a simple google search yielded the answers. Here's a write up of the parameters and what they do. Good stuff.

So I started to make some patches. I ended up with a few usable bits. Most of my time was spend noodling about with FM. I even managed to get a couple Crystal Method-esque sounds from Divided By Night. Which is a banging album by the way.

Oh yeah, Doepfer has some exciting news at NAMM this year. The two products I'm the most excited about are the DIY analog synth kit and the Dark Time sequencer. You can see more in this PDF file, on the main site. The concept of a DIY analog synth kit for under $150 is exciting. Granted, that's only for the PCB, but it's still a monster price for the following specs:

VCO: sawtooth and rectangle output (with variable pulse width), several frequency CV inputs, several PW/PWM
CV inputs, linear FM input, hard sync input
VCF: multimode filter, lowp, highp and bandpass output (optional low-notch-highpass with external
potentiometer), 12dB/oct, several frequency CV inputs, several audio inputs, manual resonance control,
resonance up to self oscillation
VCA: exponential control scale, several CV inputs , several audio inputs , audio output
ADSR: connections for attack, decay, sustain and release controls, connections for range switch (3 ranges),
connections for LED display, ADSR output
LFO: triangle and rectangle outputs, connections for frequency control (optional different controls for up/down
time), connection for range switch (3 ranges), connections for LED display
Slew Limiter: connections for slew control, input, output
Inverter: input, output

I've been tossing the idea of building a x0xb0x around for awhile, and have been on the waiting list for over a year. I never got around to trying and sourcing my own parts as I'd rather just buy a full fledged analog synth in the interim. I'd rather have modularity in my DIY kit, and boy does Doepfer know how to deliver on that front.

I failed at my resolution of a song a week last week. But I WILL have a complete song by the end of this week and every week forward. School's coming up the week after next, but I'm dedicated now. The slack is off.

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Jeff said...

I'm a big fan of the Korg EMX pack, there are some really good drum beats on it. I've been experimenting with all sorts of wav samples cos I bought a few packs a few weeks ago. But I think I've bought too many, as I haven't got round to using some beats yet. They'll just have to wait for now until I've got more time to experiment with them.